28 September 2014

Everything is changing, v. 2

We returned from Berlin earlier this month! We spent an amazing week exploring the city, meeting the staff, and getting a feel for everyday life in Germany. ReachGlobal has finalized our placement with the Berlin team! We will spend the next twelve months developing ministry partners so that we can move to Berlin and jump into our new roles.

I fell so hard for Berlin. I wish that I could somehow fast-forward through the transitions on this side of the ocean, through
the impending, foreboding, final goodbyes. I have put down deep roots in Chicago, and it feels like the spade is already hacking away and making me bleed.

On Tuesday night, we gathered with a few of our closest friends and ended up talking for hours and hours about transition and loss. We're all coping with varying degrees of uncertainty, and our parting embraces were bittersweet. I think we're realizing how quickly things are changing.  

A year from now, we'll all be gone.

10 July 2014

Everything is changing, v. 1

In case you haven't heard, Josh and I are headed on quite the adventure to Berlin.  (Insert ecstatic squeals and a mild panic attack here.)  If all goes as planned, we will have raised our monthly support and be headed overseas by the end of next year.  I am starting to grasp how soon that is, how little time we may have left in Chicago. 


Our first three years of marriage have been beautifully interrupted by change after change within these city limits.  We have grown.  Our conceptions of community and love and hospitality and salvation have been reshaped by this bustling, transient culture, by the warmth of the people who call this city home.  I don't want to forget these days.


There is a sense of peace and steadiness here, in our community.  I am learning that hospitality is not an event, but a mindset.  It is the daily re-opening of my eyes, heart, and home to others.  It is Kingdom-buildingIt is a wild chase, one which is taking us to another corner of the world.  New friends await us in Berlin, creative souls who may or may not have spoken to Jesus before.  That excites us.

We will continue to grow.  We will continue to learn how to give, and in a new city we will make our home.


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